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BERLIN / May 2017

PRAGUE / June 2017

ATHENS / June 2017

PARIS / July 2017

PRAGUE /  August 2017

​ITALY / September 2017

"Alice meets Mr. Mouse"
​Acrylic on panel canvas
“Alicia” is a new series of paintings by artist Max Sir, inspired by the imagery and concept of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. A dense use of materials, high contrast and primal decisive strokes speak of an abundant and, at times, ominous environment where Alice journeys to encounter her own sense of reality. This body of work plays with elements of scale and fantastic encounters between fantastic characters, through a pictorial language and technique that makes a statement about the creation of a reality through our own decisions. The focus of communication is in the primal understanding of the gesture on the canvas, the narrative and the story take a second place allowing the material itself be the carrier of an idea: the question of what is reality and in what measure we are conscious of our decision about the world we want to live in.
This exhibition is framed in the project "Proyecto Alicia", consistent of: a play based on Alice's adventures in Wonderland (an original theatrical piece conceived, directed, co-writen and designed by Max Sir); a series of paintings and a collection of Art Books.