Is a new series of paintings, based on the imagery and concept of Alice's adventures in Wonderland. This series is part of the project Proyeto Alicia, by Max Sir Art.

BERLIN / May 2017

PRAGUE / June 2017

ATHENS / June 2017

PARIS / July 2017

PRAGUE / August 2017

​ITALY / September 2017


ALICIA is an original  theatre piece based on the novel Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Writen by Max Sir and Natalia Miranda.
Conceived, Directed and Designed  by Max Sir

Max Sir Art and Teatro Espressivo
Costa Rica


​by Max Sir

"The Book of Complaints"-​
​an Avant-garde Theatre Play.
Interview with the cultural criticism magazine ​​​​​​​ SANGRIA.CL "The Book of Complaints"

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Project- Serie de pinturas y dibujos, 2015-2016.

A series of paintings and drwings created in London, Moscow, Santiago of Chile, New York and Washignton DC.
Purely inspired in the spirit and drive of the contemporary woman, this new series of paintings pays homage to the soul of a fiery, intelligent and powerful femininity .
 "En perseguirme, Mundo, ¿qué interesas? ¿En qué te ofendo, cuando sólo intento poner bellezas en mi entendimiento y no mi entendimiento en las bellezas?"

  Acrylic on canvas
80 x 80 (cm) / 32 x 32 (in)

Lead Role in a play- Hispanic Theater Festival in New York 

Heading 1

"HEADSHOT" Founders of Latin American Theatre in NYC - Photobook, ​2015-2016.

This a project I developed during my stay in the States, and it seeks to give recognition to the founders of Latin American Theatre in New York City. 
Using the headshot as the media (a photographic portrait that actors use as marketing or self-branding material) and the question what is your first memory that lead you to the theatre? as a starting point, we created this photobook about the founders of Latin American theatre in NYC.  
This project has been created together with the actress Natalia Miranda Guzman, and it consists of a photographic exhibition, a pocket book in English and Spanish and a possible publication of the full length interviews. 
 "Manny"  Manny Alfaro,  Executive Director Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors.
Photography by Max Sir. 2015
-The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center.
-Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors.
-Repertorio Español.
-Teatro LATEA.
-IATI Theatre .
-GALA Theatre.

"The Book of Complaints" - Stage Reading -2016.

This play was selected by  IATI THEATRE to be part of its international  program Cimientos, dedicated to produce new avant-garde theatre in New York City.
 March 2016, Manhattan.
Agradecimientos a:
-Natalia Miranda.
-Vivian Deangelo.
-Winston Estevez.
-Gerardo Gudiño.
-IATI Theatre.
"The Book of Complaints"​ 40x50 cms. mixta sobre panel para afiche de obra de teatro.
 by Max Sir.

Series of Portraits - 2014

Series of drawings and sketches created as the preliminary stages of portraits that will later  become a series of oil paintings.

Pencil and charcoal on prepared acrylic surface
90 x 70 (cm) / 35.4 x  27.6 (in)

In Situ Painting Award- National Competition of painting in situ 
(Chile, 2014)

First Prize - Nancagua Painting Competition (Chile, 2014)

"Still life with sketch"
Oil on canvas 
120 x 120 (cm) / 47 x 47 (in)

First Prize - National Painting Competition of Puerto Montt (Chile, 2013) 

Chamber of Commerce Prize - National Painting Competition of Puerto Montt (Chile, 2012)

"Southern salmon"
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 120 (cm) / 47 x 47 (in)
"Mujer Pujanza"
Oil on Canvas
120 x 120 (cm) / 47.3 x 47.3  (in)

CSAV Award 2011; Encuentro asociación pintores (Chile, 2011).

First Prize - Juan Francisco Gonzalez Painting competition (Chile, 2011)

First Honor Prize -  Salamanca Painting competition (Chile, 2011)

"Ensalada a la Chilena"
Oil on canvas
100 x 120 (cm) / 39.4 x 47.3 (in)

First prize - National Painting Competition of Limache (Chile, 2010)

"Memorias del color blanco puerto"
Exhibition (Valparaíso Chile, 2013)

"Virgen de Limache"
Oil on canvas
87 x 120 (cm) / 34.3 x 47.2 (in)

Solo Exhibit - Figuras congeladas en trance  (Frozen figures in a trance).(Sala Viña. Chile, 2008)

Actors Playing - a new series of portraits (2007)

A series of drawings  of actors improvising characters, where the stroke of the drawing enhances the performance of the actor.